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Bee Pattern Crocs

A special gift for bee lovers and beekeepers from Crocs3d, it is a large collection of bee pattern crocs & Slippers. Don’t miss our stunning bee-happy crocs if you have a great affection for black and yellow creatures!
To begin with, let’s learn about the hidden symbolic meanings of bees and why you should own a thing with the image of bees.

1. Amazing symbolic meanings of bees that you haven’t known!

It is said that throughout the modern & ancient world, the bee is a symbol of wisdom, birth, and rebirth & industry. Bees, like fairies, are often considered guardians of the natural world, eternally linked with love, magic, and romance. In many ancient cultures, bees are an important part of their story, the bee was often believed to be the sacred insect that bridged the natural world to the underworld. For instance, the Mayans believed the bee to be a symbol of the goddess: a bringer of life and abundance, while the Druids considered the bee to represent fertility, personal power, and community. Meanwhile, the ancient Greeks believed bees were symbolic of prosperity and celebration, and in ancient Judaism, the bee was associated with a prosperous and peaceful society. The Priestesses who worshipped the Goddess Artemis were called Bees, and many of our names today come from Bees, including Melissa, Alyssa, Beatrice, Deborah & Lisa to name but a few.

Moreover, in Ancient Egypt, the bee, particularly the honeybee, symbolized royalty. The Ancient Egyptians believed bees were born from the tears of the Sun God, Ra, and represented the Pharaoh’s sovereignty over their subjects (the hive). Honey’s healing powers are widely acknowledged, in some Celtic cultures, honey wine was thought to be the drink of immortality. Combined with the bee symbol, this could be conceived as everlasting love. The honeycomb produced by the humble bee is made up of intricate hexagons, this complex structure is a miraculous network that creates strength, through unity and harmony. But it goes further, the hexagon itself carries great symbolism. The hexagon comprises six sides, with the number six being the symbol of love, as it is the sacred number for Venus, the goddess of Love. Bees represent unity, domestic bliss & working in harmony to achieve a united goal.

2. Let’s own the bee pattern crocs today!

We can conclude that bees represent the noblest things so giving others gifts with bee patterns means giving them motivation, hope, and strength. It’s not only a present but also your sweet love for people around you.

2.1. Give To Keep

When it comes to bees, there is a special job always attached to the image of this tiny insect, it is Beekeeper. They are also called honey farmers, apiarists, or less commonly, apiculturists. The word “beekeeper” refers to a person who keeps honey bees in beehives, boxes, or other receptacles. The beekeeper does not control the creatures, they own the hives or boxes and associated equipment. The bees are free to forage or leave (swarm) as they desire. Bees usually return to the beekeeper’s hive as the hive presents a clean, dark, sheltered home. Thanks to the care of beekeepers, the swarm of bees can make good honey which is an important material for various industries in life such as food and medicine production.

If you’re working as a beekeeper, then don’t miss our assortment of beekeeper crocs and bee pattern slippers for beekeepers. With vibrant colors and eye-catching designs, we believe that wearing these insect crocs will make you love your job and little friend more than ever. It must be an enjoyable experience when you appear in a bee outfit and do your favorite tasks.
On the other hand, using these beekeeper crocs designs as a special gift to your mom, dad, grandpa, family members or friends who are beekeepers will be something fantastic. It represents your love, care, and best wishes for the recipients.

In terms of gifts, our beehive pattern crocs should be taken into consideration in case you want to surprise your friends who have Trypophobia on Halloween. For people who are disgusted by the pattern of holes, we’re sure that it will be a real horror Halloween gift and they will never forget it. However, it is just a funny joke, what we always focus on is your great memory with beloved people. What are you waiting for, let’s give others extraordinary things and experience precious time together!

Come to Crocs3d,  you will freely choose the best custom bee crocs. With various designs and top-notch materials, we’re confident in satisfying you. It’s not too exaggerated when say that our Bee Painting slippers are must-have items for outdoor activities because of their smart design and ultra-lightweight materials. Wearing a pair of honey bee printed crocs makes it easy to move and you will achieve extreme comfort all the long day. What is more wonderful than a pair of bee clog shoes featured with hard-working bees that can bring you both great spiritual and practical values.

3. Support information

Honestly, we make every single pair of bee crocs shoes with sincerity and enthusiasm. Having opportunities to serve you with trendy and high-quality products is our top priority during business operations.
Your support is a strong motivation for us to keep trying and producing better products in the future. We are here for you, don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any help via the email address: support@crocs3d.com