1.The beautiful countryside

Different from the hustle of commercial centers, movie capitals, or the vibrant cultural and entertainment life of big cities, there is a peaceful America with beautifully stunning landscapes of the countryside. The natural picture of the American countryside is woven from plantations, farms, immense green meadows, or purple lavender fields stretching to the horizon. It can be seen as a wonderland for those who love nature, freedom, and desire to travel with large farms, grasslands with thousands of dairy cows leisurely grazing. People here mainly work on farms or in vast corn and potato fields. How picturesque the American countryside is! but what impresses us more is the friendliness and rusticity of the locals, especially pretty and strong country girls. These Western muses give us the fresh inspiration to create a wide collection of country girl clothing and cute country girl crocs with images of close animals and the poetic nature here

2.The charm of girls from the countryside

It can be said that:  Over the years, the image of beautiful and hot country girls in the West region is something attractive and passionate.
They are typically hot, hardheaded, determined, and always polite. Girls from the countryside are traditional-type women, they love animals, children, and family. Moreover, country girls believe that honesty is the best policy of a good person. It is difficult to see a country girl waiting for someone who will take care of her, she is independent and reliable. The girls act sweet but have strong sides. They retain all the great delicacy and gentility of old-fashioned girls and learn from their manners. But they can also be strong-willed when they need to be, protect the family farm or property, milk the cows, drive a tractor, or operate the town post office. A country girl knows how to use pots and pans. She bakes cakes for birthdays and special occasions and picks the apples for her home-baked apple pie herself.
From here, we can see that country girls are wonderful, it seems that there is nothing they cannot do.
If you desire to experience the dynamic, life-loving style of the country girls, don’t miss our vintage country girl shirt and girl crocs collections.

2.1.Country girl crocs

If you want to get the freedom spirit like the country girls, you can check out our animal crocs ( horse crocs, cow crocs, butterfly crocs…) or country girl crocs collection (Love country girl slippers, sunflowers country girl crocs, muddy country girl slippers…). Based on what is close to the countryside, we design crocs with eye-catching patterns to help you express your love for nature and love for animals. Crocs can be recognized as a must-have item for outdoor activities of girls from the countryside. As we know, in the countryside, people always work on large farms, thus, two factors comfort and convenience are the most prioritized. Thanks to their smart design and ultra-lightweight materials, wearing a pair of crocs makes it easy to move and you will achieve great relaxation. Furthermore, you likely use country girl slippers as a gift to your friends and your family members…who have the same love for the countryside and the girls from there. A pair of farm girl crocs covered in trendy colors will express your identity and give you an unprecedented stand-out.

2.2.Country girl shirts

Apart from fantastic country girl crocs, we have country girl shirt designs to give you lots of choices for your country girl outfit. Sometimes we may live under the pressure of hard challenges, we just wish to escape from the bustling life, then visit the countryside to enjoy the fresh air and peaceful atmosphere. The charming country muses here have a deep affection for the castle, especially horses, riding horses is something they are very skillful at. Although wearing a basic outfit with jeans, boots, and farm-girl shirt designs also makes them more appealing than ever. We have created various real country girl shirts with the purpose of bringing you happiness and optimism. You are a horse lover? you may be interested in cute horse shirts, the horse motif is shown most prominently to make you outstanding in crowds. On the other hand, you can pick up a shirt with a happy dairy cow such as the dairy cow shirt in case gentle cows are your favorite animal. Besides the two typical models I mentioned above, you can search for more products related to the country girls such as the farm shirt collection, and animal shirt collection on the website 1986 shirts.com.
Regardless of the design, we always focus on giving you the best experience, thus, our country girl outfits for women are made from high-quality materials and stretchy fabric with good absorbent, which will keep you comfortable in every activity. More than the simple shirts, you can also personalize the country girl clothes by name, date of birth, or anything meaningful to you. This means the shirt is designed just for you and yours is the only one.

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