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The origin of Orange Shirt Day.

This 30th of September, have you prepared an orange shirt to celebrate Orange Shirt Day? If your answer is “ not yet”, our collection of indigenous orange shirts, and every child matters crocs won’t disappoint you. On the other hand, in case you don’t know well about Orange shirt day, please keep reading my post to understand clearly.
Orange Shirt Day happens on September 30th every year. It began as a way to honor all of the Indigenous children that attended residential schools in Canada. It has become an opportunity to educate and remember the tragedy of residential schools and the cruel circumstances that Indigenous children experienced.

The date of September 30th was chosen as Orange shirt day because it is the time of year in which children were taken from their homes to residential schools and because it is an opportunity to set the stage for anti-racism and anti-bullying policies for the coming school year. It is an opportunity for local governments, schools, and communities to come together in the spirit of protection and best hope for future generations. 

The story behind the orange shirt. 

The color Orange was chosen as a result of the experiences of residential school survivor, Phyllis Webstad. Phyllis was only 6 years old when she was sent to St Joseph’s Mission residential school in British Columbia from 1973to 1974. Her grandmother had taken her to the store and bought her a brand new shiny orange shirt to wear to school. Phyllis was so excited to wear it to school. However, when Phyllis arrived, she was stripped of her clothing and never saw her orange shirt again. She was neglected, abused, and made to feel like she didn’t matter. She wasn’t allowed to go home for a long time. She recalls that every child there was crying to go home, but nobody at the school truly cared for them. They were made to feel alone, worthless, and like nobody would save them. Phyllis says that the color Orange now reminds her of that time in her life when her feelings didn’t matter. Phyllis’ story is difficult to hear, and sadly, it is like many others who attended residential schools.

Fortunately, Phyllis was able to return home to her grandmother after that year. She now uses her story and platform to raise awareness about Orange Shirt Day, and turn the feeling of no one cares into healing and remembrance that every child matters.

A shirt for children’s rights

Indeed, children can be considered the most vulnerable in society, they need to be loved, given the right to live, and the right to go to school, so let’s join hands to build a civilized world where children are provided with the best conditions to develop comprehensively.
In response to orange shirt day 2022, when participating in commemorative activities, an every child matters shirt is an indispensable part of your outfit.

Let’s own a special shirt

The shirt not only shows your sincerity but it is also the message you want to send directly, it can be “Every child matters” or “ Honoring residential school survivors, remember the past and create a better future”, besides, you may custom the orange shirt with something really meaningful for you such as your name, your date of birth,…The shirts are made from premium materials, meticulous seams, and specially decorated with meaningful sentences that create the difference between our products and others in the same range. By the vast designs, we have both orange shirts for men and orange shirts for women, thus, it is not difficult for you to choose the most suitable shirts.

Complete your outfit 

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Crocs for orange shirt day

These orange custom crocs can be recognized as a must-have item for outdoor activities, thanks to their smart design and ultra-lightweight materials, wearing a pair of every child matters flowers crocs make it easy to move and you will achieve extreme comfort. Furthermore, you likely use these crocs as gifts to your friends and your family members…who have the same idea of protecting children. The variety of sizes, models, and especially you can personalize according to your name, birthday, or anything meaningful to the recipient has made Crocs3d become one of the most favored brands. A pair of crocs covered in fabulous color will express your message and give you an unprecedented stand-out on orange shirt day.

This residential school orange shirt day, helping you spread the message of “Every child matters” more widely to society is the most meaningful thing to us. It can be said that love and sympathy have great impacts on healing people’s pain, anger, and sorrows. When you show love and care towards another,  peace and harmony will reign in your heart, which would create a better place to live in. We hope that children all over the world will always be safe, joyful, cared for by both families and people around, and get a happy childhood.

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