Fleece And Its application in Fleece Crocs

We’re living in the freezing weather of the last season of the year, therefore, keeping your body warm is really important. Starting from the burning desire to provide our valued customers with amazing footwear products which can keep your feet warm all day long while you can still show your own lifestyle and hobbies, we decide to launch a large assortment of fleece crocs & Slippers.

1. Characteristics and great advantages of fleece

1.1. Characteristics

On the first stage, we’re going to learn a bit about Fleece- the material of winter! Fleece is a popular and versatile synthetic fabric with a soft and cozy feel that makes the perfect solution for winter garments. It is mainly made from polyester, and fleece is prevalent in many areas of fashion, from adult to baby apparel. It is also widely used in home furnishings, and pet care and is a popular mainstay of the winter essential. Fleece has some distinct advantages over more traditional materials like cotton and wool. This is the reason why it has become so popular.

1.2. Advantages

When it comes to the advantages of fleece over other materials, it’s hard for us to list out all but here are some outstanding ones. We boldly believe that after reading this post, you will want to own a pair of Fleece crocs immediately!

While it isn’t classed as waterproof, it is undoubtedly water-resistant. This means it dries faster after washing than some other materials and offers some protection if you get caught in a shower. Fleece also allows the skin underneath to breathe, but at the same time, it is warm, making it an excellent choice for coats, jumpers, and other outdoor wear.

In addition, you won’t need to worry about ironing fleece, as it does not wrinkle. You can also pop it in the washing machine and tumble drier, although it’s often better to air-dry it. Adding fleece to producing process can be considered one of the most significant innovations of Crocs3d. With this change, our crocs not only make you comfortable and stylish but also a sense of cozy and mildness during winter.

Obviously, warm and insulating are two adjectives when referring to fleece. Just like wool, fleece is an excellent insulator. That is why fleece is an ideal material for blankets and comforters. There is even a variety of fleece called “Polar Fleece” which is basically a specifically designed fleece to handle cold weather conditions and increase its insulating effect.

Next, fleece is less allergenic. Unlike wool, fleece is less allergenic for those with wool allergies. Fleece is basically processed wool and it has all of wool’s benefits without the setbacks.

Moreover, fleece is Eco friendly, Comfortable, and looks Beautiful. Why is that? Evidently, fleece is made out of natural materials 100% synthetic free, and it won’t harm the environment. Fleece is also very comfortable to snuggle in, especially with your bare feet. In terms of plus points of fleece, wicks moisture and dries easily are the ones that we cannot ignore. This is what makes fleece an excellent towel, mat, etc.  Fleece absorbs water fast but it also dries fast as well. This is also an amazing quality in bed sheets especially if you spill water and liquids on them. Doing your laundry would also be twice as fast if you have fleece fabrics around.
Understanding the great advantages of fleece, we use it to produce a special edition of fleece clogs. More than an item of footwear for you in winter, you can also use our fleece crocs shoes as a gift for your beloved people to express your gentle care for them.

2. Support information

With a variety of sizes, colors, and designs, especially top-notch materials, our products will satisfy all the requirements for ideal fur slippers. Let’s explore the vast collection of fleece crocs for winter that is assorted into different themes.
Don’t hesitate to contact us in case you need any help through the email address: Support@crocs3d.com. We’re here for you and willing to support you every time!