The house slippers for hardwood floors at Crocs 3D don’t win any design awards with their looks. However, their sole is absolutely wonderful for shielding your feet from the hardwood flooring. 

Plush MICROTERRY for all around comfort, these men’s and women’s house slippers for hardwood floors with memory foam provide warmth and cushioned support. Easy to slip on mule hoodback designed with a durable anti-slip rubber sole. 

A men’s and women’s house slippers for hardwood floors for summer to winter from Crocs 3D with all of the comfort you have been waiting for. The Classic Slippers for women and men are made of soft fabric and fuzz for ideal comfort around the house. The slippers are made with soft textile uppers, a toasty fuzz footbed and synthetic suede bottoms. These men’s and women’s slippers are perfect for padding around the house.

The outsole of the women’s and men’s house slippers for hardwood floors were designed with traction in mind. Gripper pods on the outsoles will allow you to move around without the worry of slipping.

The Classic Slippers for men and women are perfect for keeping your toes warm but not too hot. Add these Agriculture FFA House SlippersAmazing Chicken Slippers and Skeleton House Slippers collection to your wardrobe to cuddle up on cold days.