Highland Cow Crocs Ideas

If you like cows leisurely encountering grass in endless fields, highland cow crocs are the pair of crocs you may love. Highland cows are often known as the gentle giants of Scotland. They have an impressive appearance with long horns and really thick fur. The thick fur brings highland cows the ability to fight against fierce weather. They have a reputation for their fantastic temperament. They are recognized for being very docile animals, never showing any aggression, and are very low-stress to keep and manage. Within their herds, they have a great understanding of their own social hierarchy and never fight.

Cows in the Highland field also enjoy the company of humans. They often approach walkers to seek affection. People here even keep these “big babies” as pets! Highland cows have been living alongside man for thousands of years, with the written record as far back as the year 1200-AD, and archeological finds that take them back to 1200-BC. In the earlier days, in winter the cows would come into the home and their body heat helped warm the home. This had the added benefit of also keeping others from stealing them. Taking inspiration from the highland cows, Crocs3d decided to launch a special collection of highland cow crocs.

It can be said that A cow from high land is a symbol of strength and great adaptability, thus, by adding them to the crocs designs, we wish you will enjoy the optimistic energy from this animal.
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