1. The cultural value of horses in The United States

Among a great number of iconic animals such as Bald Eagle, bison, or wild turkey,… Horses have been an important component of American life and culture throughout the founding of the nation. Horses are considered symbols of loyalty, speed, and intense vitality. Not only that, but horses are also an endless source of inspiration for poetry, art, and especially fashion. Horses have a beautiful appearance, strong prolific but elegant, and gentle. Many horses are seen as animals of gratitude. The Native Americans viewed the horse as a sanctified blessing that should be protected at all times. This species remained an integral part of American rural and urban life until the 20th century but the widespread emergence of mechanization caused their use for industrial, economic, and transportation purposes to decline. At present, the use of horses in the United States is primarily for some entertainment activities like riding a horse or horse racing. Moreover, as we mentioned above, the Americans apply the horse icons so frequently in the fashion industry. From the symbolic meaning of the horse, we create a vast attractive collection of horse crocs and horse shirt designs for you. If you are a horse lover, you’re at the right place, we won’t disappoint you. You can totally pick out horse print crocs and spirit the horse shirts as both a personalized item and a wonderful gift for your friends, and your family members who are big fans of horses.
Hores products
With a lot of delicate and eye-catching products that will leave you a deep impression. We hope that you choose for yourself and your lovers unique and suitable items!

2. Horse Crocs for everyone

American horses were a primary symbol of wealth and strength, they were sacred to the natives. With the combination of diverse understandings of cultural value and real applicability, we design distinctive items that provide you with dynamic designs and comfort. Horse crocs can be recognized as a must-have item for outdoor activities, thanks to their smart design and ultra-lightweight materials, wearing a pair of crocs makes it easy to move and you will achieve extreme comfort.

Furthermore, you likely use custom crocs as a gift to your friends and your family members…who have the same hobby as horses. The variety of sizes, models, and especially you can customize according to your name, birthday, or anything meaningful to the recipient has made Crocs3d become one of the most favored brands. We have crocs suitable for all genders and ages such as horse crocs for men, horse crocs for women, or toddlers’ horse crocs. A pair of crocs covered in trendy colors will express your personal identity and give you an unprecedented stand-out. If you want to make your crocs become more interesting, the horse crocs charm is an ideal option. The charms are pretty accessories you can stick on the crocs to complete a unique pair of crocs.

3. Let’s own spirit the horse shirts

With great admiration and respect, our horse shirt designs with the image of a horse aim to show a liberal lifestyle and desire for freedom of owners. Sometimes we may live under the pressure of hard challenges, we just wish to have the strength and endurance of horses to overcome all ups and downs. Our funny horse shirts are made in a modern and beautiful style, the horse motif is shown most prominently to make you stand out in the crowd. A plus point of our shirts is all of them may be customized with your names, your favorite pictures, or whatever you love.

In the US, horse racing is an equestrian performance sport attracting lots of spectators from all around the world. If you have a great passion for this, you’d better wear a racing horse shirt when coming to racecourses because the shirt is a good idea to show both your excitement for the match and supporting style in your own way. In terms of horse racing shirts, the Kentucky horse racing shirt is our best-seller, you will look really unique and fashionable when wearing it.
Some relevant facts you don’t know about horses.
Have you known about The Western country muse on the horse’s back and the symbolic meanings of horseshoes? If not, let’s learn with us.

3.1.Western country girls in charming outfits

Over years, the image of beautiful and hot country girls accompanying the horse in the West region is also one of the most attractive and passionate things in the United States. Girls from the West are strong and beautiful. They have a deep affection for horses, and riding horses is something they are very skillful at. Although wearing a basic outfit with jeans, boots, and country girl shirts also makes them become more appealing than ever. These gorgeous girls give us the fresh inspiration to create shirts with the image of lovely horses – their closest friends. Our western country girl shirts focus on serving you an active style but they are still comfortable and polite. Add the special horse shirts to your cart now if you desire to experience the dynamic, life-loving style of the western girls.

3.2.Horseshoe -The symbol of luck and invisible strength against evil.

Apart from the popularity of the horse image in the fashion field, the horseshoe icon is also used widely. The most important meaning behind various types of horseshoes is that it symbolizes protection. It first became synonymous with protection from evil spirits. This is because horseshoes were typically made of iron, a material that can withstand fire and thus prevent the elements of hell. The Americans believe the U-shaped curve of the horseshoes was reminiscent of the moon goddess, it gives good luck to those who have her symbol.

Based on the incredible meaning of this horseshoe, we have some shirts decorated with it such as love horse shirts, U-shape shirts, and horseshoe shirts …Our shirts will bring you great fortune and keep you safe from the threats of dark things.
Besides the typical products like horse crocs and horse shirts mentioned above, we also have unique product lines designed specifically for horse lovers, including horse tumblers, horse car seat covers, horseshoes, and horse bedding sets. For more information on these products, please visit webs: 1986shirts.com and crocs3d.com

4. Support information

Through products created with all enthusiasm and sincerity, we hope that you will choose the most suitable items for yourself and your loved ones. It is our honor to be able to serve you and offer a small contribution to help you show love for horses. Wish you always have the great characteristics of horses to overcome all tough challenges in life!

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