The love story of Jack & Sally in Nightmare Before Christmas

In a dark fantasy film like Nightmare Before Christmas, there still exists a beautiful love between characters who come from different positions and origins. It’s the love between Jack Skellington and Sally. They are also the two main characters of the movie. Like all of the citizens of Halloween Town, Jack was admired and idolized by Sally. She put her creator, Dr. Finkelstein to sleep so she can watch Jack host the Halloween celebrations. After the end of a Halloween celebration, Jack went to the town’s graveyard and lamented how bored he is of Halloween’s traditions, how he dreamt of something more in his life and wished for somebody to understand him and his feelings, which is unknown to him, was overheard by Sally. She became sympathetic toward Jack’s sorrowfulness and understood him for wanting something more in life, causing her to fall deeply in love with him. 

As Jack showed what he had discovered in Christmas Town, Sally was intrigued by the Christmas holiday but became unsure of getting too involved with Christmas when Jack tried to explain it to the townsfolk. When Jack goes to Dr. Finkelstein’s lab to borrow some lab equipment, his arrival enlightened Sally who had been confined to her room by the doctor as punishment for drugging him so many times. Later, as Jack did his experiments on Christmas, he was visited by Sally who had escaped once again from the doctor due to having enough of her creator’s overprotectiveness. 

Jack waved at Sally, entranced by her beauty, as she gave him a gift basket. Jack became grateful for Sally’s kindness towards him after he opened the gift basket where he decided to thank her, only to see that Sally had already left, due to Sally being extremely bashful around him. When Jack decided to have Halloween Town celebrate Christmas, Sally tried to inform Jack of having a vision of his plans for Christmas creating chaos and she worried for his safety. Despite Sally still being worried, she helped Jack go along with his plans for Christmas by making his Santa Claus outfit.
On Christmas Eve, Jack was about to take off in his sleigh to deliver presents to children all over the world when Sally cheered for him, but she secretly poured fog juice into Halloween Town’s fountain to stop Jack and protect him from putting himself in harm’s way. Although facing various dangers, finally  Jack was then able to return to Halloween Town with Zero where he realizes that not only Santa but also Sally had been captured by Oogie Boogie as she had tried to rescue Santa earlier in order to save Jack. Once Jack arrives at Oogie’s lair, he hears Sally’s cries for help and becomes infuriated over Oogie threatening Sally’s life. He manages to save Sally and Santa before they are killed and proceeds to confront Oogie. After successfully saving Sally and Santa’s departure to fix Christmas, Jack is reassured by Sally that Santa will fix everything. Jack expresses his surprise over Sally risking her life to save Santa, in order to save him. Jack then begins to comprehend he loves Sally and that she loves him too.
After returning to Halloween Town where the weather begins to snow, Jack spots Sally heading to the graveyard. As Jack watches Sally go, he notices Sally understood his feelings more than any of his friends by seeing who he was past his title of the Pumpkin King. Jack also realizes he deeply loves Sally and how much she means to him, so he follows her to the graveyard to confess his feelings to her. Once Jack finds Sally sitting on the Spiral Hill, he sings and is able to confess his love to Sally where she reveals she loves Jack as well. When Jack comes up to Sally on the top of the Spiral Hall, he takes Sally’s hands and Jack and Sally then embrace each other and share a kiss. The love of Jack and Sally starts from sympathy, gentle care, and understanding. It is worth being respected.

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