Jack Skellington Crocs

Jack Skellington is known as the “Pumpkin King” of Halloween Town, or the protagonist of Tim Burton’s 1993 stop-motion Walt Disney Pictures and Touchstone film The Nightmare Before Christmas. He is the patron spirit of Halloween, portrayed as being on par with Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny within his own holiday. As a living skeleton, Jack is immortal and can remove parts of his body without harm, as is often demonstrated for comic relief. He is the most important of many Halloween spirits, with the implication that their job is to scare people in the real world on Halloween night, though all in innocent fun

Jack is a real undead gentleman. He is graceful and patient in equal measure. and He can usually be counted on to do what is in everyone’s best interest. Jack almost never loses his temper and hardly ever raises his voice. But Jack was unable to contain his contempt for Oogie Boogie and did not hesitate to severely punish his old foe for endangering his friends with grim dedication. Through the movie,  we can see that Jack enjoys new things. He quickly became delighted with Christmas and grew increasingly excited as Christmas was being remade in Halloween Town just as he pictured, even giddily laughing as he gave out presents on Christmas Eve. He is also highly optimistic, as he is very certain everything will go perfectly… that is until he realizes how “Everything’s gone all wrong.” Even when in despair after ruining Christmas, he is able to cheer himself up by realizing he didn’t mean to do what he did and that “nobody really understood”. He is also humble enough to admit that he has failed and is willing to hand back the reins to Santa Claus in order to rectify everything. After all the events happened, Jack appeared as a brave character, he dared to fight against enemies to protect the people he loved. Moreover, Jack has an optimistic spirit and a burning desire for change and he is always towards a happier and more interesting life for his town.

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