Spice up your wardrobe with these funky Jesus slippers & crocs. Your feet should have more fun! When someone asks about your day, take a moment to praise the Lord out loud for all the good things in your life. Jesus is there every step of the way, and these slippers & crocs — a fiesta for your feet — will remind you to speak up about your faith in Jesus.

What a wonderful love, it is. Your love for Jesus, that is. And what better way to tell everyone than to grab a pair of these super comfy Jesus Faith CrocsJesus Take The Wheel Crocs! Go on and spread the word! Available in Black and White.

Keep the faith. These Jesus slippers & crocs at Crocs 3D proclaim a message of hope and love while keeping your look fun and funky. Buy them for your pastor or your favorite youth group leader. These are comfortable footwear.