1. Mermaid- a beautiful creature from the oceans

Mermaids often appear in mythology as aquatic creatures with the head and upper body of a female and the tail of a fish. Mermaids appear in the folklore of many cultures worldwide, including in Europe, Asia, and Africa. Mermaids are mentioned in popular folk, literary, and cultural works. In ancient stories, Mermaids are described as creatures of captivating and mystical beauty. They say that she has a clear voice and wavy hair. But because of love, she wanted to be with the prince then she was willing to trade her clear voice to have legs like humans. Mermaids often float on the sea and sing to many people and gods. Their voices put sailors in distress, but sometimes the waves carried their voices to ships to foretell bad weather events to come. The mermaid is both a symbol of beauty and the noble qualities of a woman. The mermaid is a powerful symbol of females. They want to present themselves as freedom-loving, independent and self-directed people. The source of their life is the seas and vast oceans, so the image of a mermaid also symbolizes things that come from majestic nature. They are people who love water and always want everything to be reborn and grow strongly. Therefore, the symbol of charming mermaids has motivated us to design a special collection of mermaid crocs that can satisfy customers having a passionate love for these mythical characters.

2. Fantastic crocs designs inspired by mermaids

Coming out of many amazing fairy tales, the mermaid has become an ideal model for a pure, innocent girl but equally beautiful and hot. Each of our mermaid slippers is designed in a modern style with lovely vivid colors. With all the heart and sincerity we put into every single product, we confidently bring you mermaid crocs ideas that make you satisfied.

2.1. Mermaid print crocs for you

Our crocs are decorated with eye-catching, adorable mermaid motifs, and sweet colors. Little mermaid crocs can be recognized as a must-have item for physical activities. Thanks to the lightweight materials and smart design, wearing a pair of crocs makes it easy for you to move and achieve extreme convenience all day long. Moreover, let’s imagine that after a hard-working time with high heel shoes, you can treat your feet with mild crocs. It will be something really wonderful and relaxing. The variety of sizes, models, and especially you can personalize mermaid crocs by name, birthday, or anything special has made Crocs3d become one of the most favored brands. We have both beautiful mermaid slippers for adults and mermaid slippers for toddlers, thus, you can also use our crocs as a special gift for friends and family members. A pair of crocs covered in trendy colors will express your identity and give you a strong impression.

3. Support information

Designing the latest and highest quality products to meet your demands is always an important goal that we aim at. Your support is our strong motivation to create better products in the future. We hope that you will enjoy shopping time and get the best mermaid crocs.
We are always here with you, please contact us if you need any help through the email address: Support@crocs3d.com