Sally Crocs

In Nightmare Before Christmas, besides the main character Jack Skellington, Sally is also a really important one contributing to the success of the movie. Taking inspiration from Sally, we have created a number of  Disney Nightmare Before Christmas Sally crocs. All these products focus on the theme of the movie, especially Jack Skellington and Sally. But first of all, let’s learn a little about this special character. Sally is the deuteragonist of Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. She is a humanoid ragdoll created by Dr. Finkelstein. He made Sally from various pieces stitched together, with dead leaves used as stuffing. She is always under lock and key. Thus, when she wants to go out, she poisons the doctor with deadly nightshade (covered up with worm’s wart and frog’s breath) and sneaks out.

Throughout the movie, Sally has barely any freedom, although she frequently runs away from Doctor Finklestein. After the Halloween celebration, the Doctor catches her and tries to drag her back to the lab. To escape, she pulls the thread on her arm and leaves it behind dismembered, as she runs off. She then follows Jack all the way to Spiral Hill, listening to his song. Sally then goes back to Dr. Finklestein to get her arm reattached. She hears about the town meeting after Jack returns to town and poisons the doctor again before leaving to go to the town meeting where Jack tells about his experiences in the land of Christmas.

Sally is sweet-tempered and compassionate, as she repeatedly demonstrates how much she cares deeply about Jack Skellington. Despite having a bad feeling about his Christmas plans, Sally still helps him by creating his Santa Claus outfit. She is not afraid to voice her concerns to him, even if her warnings fall on deaf ears. She takes precautions when she feels things are not right, such as trying to fog up the town. She is very forgiving and holds no grudge against Jack for not paying careful attention to her. Additionally, Sally is also strong-willed, as she poisons the Doctor and leaps from her window. She threatens Oogie Boogie in the belief that Jack would come and save her and comes all the way to try and rescue Santa herself. She even corrects the Doctor when telling her how many times she has poisoned him. While in love, she can also be extremely bashful, as she has a very difficult time revealing her feelings for Jack, and plays with her hands when encountering him. She runs off before he can thank her for the gift she gives him. Fortunately, in the end, she had true love with Jack. After watching the movie, we believe that the plot and characters must leave you with a strong impression. If you love Sally’s kindness and sweetness, our Sally print slippers will interest you. With a professional design team and modern manufacturing system, we’re confident to create custom Sally crocs that can bring you an attractive appearance and great experiences.